Founder and CEO

Dr Selina-Jayne MA, BA (Hons), PhD

Dr Selina-Jayne PhD founded the company in 2010 and has grown into one of the most sought after British designers often setting trends that find their way onto the High Street. Selina-Jayne’s designs have been requested by several large organisations including the props department of the BBC and are sold throughout the world. Selina-Jayne produces mini works of art that have a functional use. The aim of Selina-Jayne is to produce "art that captures the spirit" that makes us feel good about ourselves in some way. This can be a remembered day, or simply things that we like to be associated with.

Selina-Jayne has over 350 designs including Professions, Animals, Birds, Dogs, Garden, Food Hobbies, Sports, and many others. The designs are applied to several products including Silk Scarves, Cosmetic Bags, Cushions, Tote Bags, Needle Cases, Pencil Cases, Soft Glass Cases, Purses, Handbags, Mugs and Coasters and Scrub Hats. All products are made and dispatched directly from Selina-Jayne Designs Limited in the UK. Selina-Jayne Designs Limited does not supply their products to third parties to sell.

Selina-Jayne was educated at King's School in the grounds of Worcester Cathedral and gained three A Levels, Fine Art (Grade A), Textile Art (Grade A), Design and Technology (Grade A) followed by a First Class Honours Degree in Textile Design, Master of a Arts Degree and a PhD. Selina-Jayne conducted Post-Doctorial Studies at the University of Oxford in Entrepreneurship to help build and develop Selina-Jayne Designs Limited.

Selina-Jayne has won several awards for her work most notable being £50,000 to develop her work further and a commission that beat all high street brands in a national competition. Selina-Jayne has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions and her artworks and products have been sold worldwide for personal collections and corporate environments. Selina-Jayne's work has also appeared in several books and press coverage has always been favourable.

The development of Selina-Jayne's creative process started very early when it was noticed that she was able to see and represent colour like no other children of the same age. Selina-Jayne's acute sense of colour was developed by relating it to sense of place through art studies to St Ives in Cornwall, Seychelles, Barbados, Mauritius, Hawaii, Antigua, Nevis, St Lucia, Bahamas, Bermuda, New York, Hong Kong and Iceland as well as most Capital Cities throughout Europe. During these trips many galleries were visited and discussions took place with local artists enabling her creative practice to be refined and developed into what it is today.